Tow Dolly Laws by State: Everything You Need to Know

Tow Dolly Laws by State: Your Top 10 Legal Questions Answered

California law requires that any tow dolly used on public roads must be equipped with brakes on all wheels, and the dolly must be equipped with lights and reflectors.
Yes, in New York, you can use a tow dolly to tow your vehicle as long as the dolly meets all the state`s towing requirements and regulations.
Yes, Texas law requires that any tow dolly used on public roads must have a weight rating that exceeds the gross weight of the towed vehicle.
No, in Florida, you do not need a special license to use a tow dolly, but you must ensure that the dolly is in compliance with all state laws.
In Arizona, tow dollies must have working brakes, tires with sufficient tread, and proper lighting and reflectors.
No, in Illinois, it is illegal to tow a vehicle with expired registration, regardless of the method of towing.
Yes, Ohio law prohibits the use of tow dollies that do not meet the state`s specific safety standards and requirements.
Yes, in Michigan, tow dollies must be registered with the Secretary of State and must display valid registration tags.
If you are involved in an accident while using a tow dolly in Pennsylvania, you must follow the state`s laws regarding reporting accidents and exchanging information with the other parties involved.
Yes, in Washington, you can use a tow dolly to tow a trailer as long as the total length of the vehicle, tow dolly, and trailer does not exceed 75 feet.


Exploring Tow Dolly Laws by State

As a law enthusiast and avid traveler, I have always been fascinated by the different regulations and laws that exist across the United States. One that has my attention is the laws tow dollies in each state. Requirements and from state to make for exploration of differences.

Tow Dolly Overview

Tow dolly laws dictate how individuals can transport vehicles using a tow dolly, which is a small, two-wheeled trailer used for towing cars behind a motorhome or other vehicle. Laws aspects such as limits, requirements, and regulations, all of can vary from state to state.


To gain comprehensive of tow dolly laws the I have a comparison of regulations:

State Limit Requirements Regulations
California lbs. Must have working brake lights and turn signals Class A or B non-commercial driver`s license required
Texas lbs. Must have working brake lights, turn signals, and tail lights No special license required
Florida lbs. Must have working brake lights and turn signals No special license required

Case Study: Tow Dolly Accidents

In to regulations, tow dolly laws also for safety. Study by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found 15% all involving towed vehicles were due to equipment or of to laws. This the of and state-specific regulations.

Exploring tow dolly by state has an experience, light on legal of the United States. Limits to requirements, each has own set of that be to when using tow dollies. As law I find not only but for safety and on the road.


Compliance with Exploring Tow Dolly Laws by State

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